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About Our Founder

Jay Weiner, The founder, owner, and President of Olde Towne, started in the mortgage business in 1982. Savvy and highly experienced, Jay has held various industry positions culminating in his becoming the Director of the Massachusetts Mortgage Association. Olde Towne has maintained industry standing despite all of the regulatory variation, interest rate ups and downs, various program changes, and evolution of the mortgage industry online.



History of Mortgage Banking in Massachusetts

The Mortgage Brokerage industry became legal in MA in 1978. This law allowed third party non-depository (non-banking) companies to originate, process, and close mortgages on residential and investment 1-4 family properties. Sources of money came from various lending institutions, and the industry was and continues to be a major source of mortgage financing. Regulated by the Federal Government and individual States, there are licensing requirements both for companies and for individuals with ongoing continuing education requirements each year.

About Olde Towne Mortgage Company

Olde Towne Mortgage Company Inc. was incorporated in 1993 under the Laws of Massachusetts. Licensed in MA and New Hampshire, Olde Towne, for years, has been a mortgage broker leader in the region.
Our goal is to maintain low overhead, the most competitive rates, and a lending program for everyone who comes into contact with the company. Every person who walks away from the closing table should end up in a more advantageous situation. Find out how we can help you. 

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